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Is Your Web Hosting Company Profiting from the Multi-Billion Dollar Email Backup Industry?

There is a growing need for business continuity through email In fact, the market size for email archiving is estimated at $4.9B for 2015, which is nearly double that of 2011 at $2.5B. On the whole, the sizes of the electronic information archiving market is estimated at $5.4B in 2015. This white paper introduces the self-serve SaaS (Software as a Service) backup and archiving model

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Advantages of Self-Serve SaaS Backup for Web Hosting Providers and Their Customers

This white paper evaluates how today's backup solutions serve the challenges facing both web hosts and their customers, as instances of hacking, database corruption, and accidental deletion increase. It also introduces the self-serve SaaS (Software as a Service) backup model as a frontrunner solution for web hosts

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