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With Dropmyemail, we have the convenience of getting detailed reporting for our email usage when required. The unlimited and secure storage also gives me a peace of mind knowing it will always be safely backed up

Jack BeyleveldContent Director of HelpLearn.Asia

Emails are quintessential tools of communication in any business - especially when rapidly growing a startup like ours. It is great to know that our e-mails are securely backed up by Dropmyemail Business

Andrew RothCo-founder of Perx

Welcome Dropmyemail in to the Japan market. We expect Dropmyemail to provide the higher value added cloud hosting service to the Japanese customers based on our strong partnership

Minoru KarasawakDirector and CTO GMO Cloud K.K.

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Product Features

An easy to use solution designed specially for Personal email users and SMBs

2 step sign up

Start backing up your email in 2 simple steps. Step 1. Create an account. Step 2. Enter the email and password of your email account...
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Automated Backup

Dropmyemail ensures that backing up your emails is simple and easy. With over 150 email configurations pre-loaded, both IMAP...
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Attachment Manager

Your users will have access to a file manager where they can view and search files or attachments without having to sift through...
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Secure Storage

We pay special attention to the security of your data. We ensure that no one other than you have access to your backup emails and mail...
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Download, Restore & Migrate

One of our most popular features is the restore and download functionality. You can easily download emails to your personal computer...
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View Emails Anywhere

In the event that your email provider is down and you do not have access to your emails, you can view them on Dropmyemail. We provide...
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